• Mimar İklima Şenol

    About Us 

    İklima Şenol Gönenç Architecture is a user-oriented architecture firm and our main goal is to provide comfort and happiness in our architectural projects, which are considered as sensitive to the urban environment and developed as part of the urban design.

    İklima Şenol Gönenç

    She was born in Beysehir - Konya. After graduating from Ankara Mehmet Emin Resulzade Anatolian High School, she completed his undergraduate studies at Yeditepe University, Department of Architecture and she took her master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University. She graduated with the equivalent of the United States-NAAB-. She studied Sustainable Architecture and Urban Regeneration at Salford University, England. She has gained the authority to become a specialist in sustainable architecture and she has become BREEAM International Assessor (BREEAM International Expert). She worked for MESA Housing Inc., Alp Architects and Hatırlı Mimarlık then she found Iklima Şenol Architecture. She is still continue to work as a co-partner and board member in the Şenol Petrol Industry and Trade INC. She is continuing her work there since 2014.

    Business Process

    Our business process begins with field analysis and feasibility studies. The national and international standards that are based on the solution of the problems are shaped by the blending of our architectural design principles and the suggestions, demands and requirements of our employers.
    Suitable alternatives are presented in 2 and 3 dimensional images to the employer. During the presentation phase, with the possibilities provided by today's technology, our intention is providing a clear image of the final outcome of the project.
    In Interior architectural projects; the cost of the acclaimed alternative is deducted. The turnkey construction price is offered to the employer. Upon acceptance, the customer is free from all workloads in the design and construction phase. From the design stage of the project to the stage of settlement of the employer, the only counterpart is 'İklima Şenol Mimarlık'.
    In architectural projects; the selected design is developed and architectural project, static project, mechanical project, electrical project are drawn. Licensing procedures to be provided by the necessary institutions are followed. The employer is informed on these matters. All project requirements for the construction site are prepared for the completion of the license phase. Inspection service is undertaken during the construction of the building.